Social Media Marketing -Twitter

The little sibling to Facebook, Twitter is a popular social networking website that is fast and to the point. With 100 million users a day Twitter is a great platform to get news out fast as well as interact with consumers directly. It is also a great place to learn about your customers and what they like to do so that you may build a clearer picture of your target market. This article will go into how to start your own Twitter account and connect with your target audience organically.

If you are taking your first steps into the exciting world of Twitter marketing then you’ll want to first create an account. Twitter is different than Facebook in the way that the actual account will be your Company’s rather than a company account attached to a main profile. Simply choose your desired login, set the profile pic & cover pic, and write up your account bio. While you write your bio you should include keywords associated with your business and your company name for better search exposure. For your cover photo you can be creative with it as long as it presents the intended company image, just be wary of how you use text if you are going to. Text can be good for specific campaigns like if you are encouraging people to use a certain hash tag. It is also useful to link the account with your website so that people can find you easily and know you are legitimate.

After setting up your account you will be all ready to start interacting with people and making your own tweets. Just like the Facebook strategy article, it is a good idea to research your competitors to see what they are doing right just to give you ideas. While making a tweet it’s good to keep in mind that your message will have to be short because of the 160-character limit. Add the fact that a link and photo will use a portion of the character count as well and you are very limited to how much text you can squeeze in. It is beneficial to include a photo in nearly every tweet since they draw more attention and engagement than text-only tweets.

Once you start to finally draft a tweet there are elements that you have to take into sqconsideration. The first is timing; when is your audience more responsive and when can you reach the most people. This is gained through experience but there are also twitter reports you can pull from the site that give you statistics like how many views a tweet got and how many clicks. When you choose an image make sure that it is clear, as that will be the focus of most tweets. After you choose the image you can work on your accent text or vice-versa so that they work well to convey all the information you want. It is good to also include a call to action for people who see your tweet so that they will be more likely to click your link.

Something you can do with Twitter that you can’t with other platforms is directly reach out to your followers or target audience. By searching twitter you can find relevant tweets to your industry and encourage people to follow you by complimenting their tweets or replying to them. This is a positive way to reach out to people showing that your company has some personality and participates with its followers. It also lets people know that your company is on twitter or even that it exists and they should follow it (don’t actually ask for them to follow). By reaching out and communicating directly with people you will build trust and earn followers.

By following these steps any digital marketer can create a twitter account for their company and start building a following for free. Though you can use money to reach more people in Twitter it is not required as consistent outreach paired with good tweets can get you followers and consequently, customers.


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