Social Media Marketing – Facebook

Social media is seen by a lot of people around the world and would be silly for a digital marketer not to take advantage of. Facebook alone has around 1.09 billion users per day and Twitter comes in at about 100 million. The two giants of social media are too valuable to brush off as a marketing outlet with the immense population of consumers using them. Thus it is important to learn how to use these social networking sites to their full potential. This article will introduce Facebook and layout how to build a loyal following.

Facebook has a massive user base compared to any other social media site in today’s world. But how should a marketer try to engage that base to strengthen their brand? Unfortunately, with the amount of businesses that have taken to Facebook for advertising purposes, Facebook has increased their ability to filter content so that people who like the page cannot see it. This is done to increase the amount of “relevant” stories people will see each and every day on their walls. Therefore, it is pretty much required for businesses to create their Facebook as a Business page and set a budget for their posts to reach people. This is not necessarily a bad thing though, to get page likes you will have to reach people through ads anyway.

Once you have your ad account set up and established (this means descriptions, pictures, landmark, contact info, etc) you should start to research successful competitors and see what they are doing right. You won’t copy their strategy per say, but will instead draw

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 5.55.42 AM.png
Facebook Paid Advertisement

from elements in it and shape those to create your own strategy. After this step is complete you will choose the audience you want to target with your ad and create your first post. Most often non-promotional posts will be the best to use for the majority of your content. This can range from questions for your following to build engagement, to sharing other pages’ content, and making posts that expose more personality from the brand. All of these types of posts will encourage engagement with the people who liked your page and concurrently build trust with them. This step is important to build strong word-of-mouth and avid customers who will suggest and stick up for your brand.

When you do decide to post a product advertisement there are certain elements that will make it more successful with people. Firstly it is wise to make sure it is a new product or is at least new to your audience. People like a reveal especially if the company itself is excited for it. If you don’t have a new product, then an exclusive discount that your Facebook followers can use will work just as well. Also, it is important to reply to comments made on your posts as soon as you can; this will allow more people to see the post (friends of commenters and some people who liked your page).

The biggest thing to keep in mind when doing social media marketing is that it is an ongoing, learning process. Occasionally you will create a ‘perfect’ post that gets tons of likes, shares, and comments. Sometimes you will create just the opposite, one that gets ignored except for the one like it has. These are all posts that you will learn from to get better. You will start to optimize the type of image your target audience likes, the right choice of text, the frequency you post, and the time you post so that you can maximize your audience engagement.

At this point it should be addressed that growth on social media takes time. Just because you saw a kids video go viral and instantly gain him thousands of likes and followers doesn’t mean it will happen for your business. It is possible but the chances are very slim especially if you provide a niche product. Patience is the name of the game with developing a large following in social media, so keep at it and keep learning!





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