Designing your Marketing Email

Let’s start off with an amazing email.  Exhibit 1, you will notice how attention grabbing this email is. You are welcomed by the email saying “This is worth the scroll”.  It peaks

Exhibit 1

your interest and leads you to scroll all the way to the bottom where the call to action is located, “GO”.  This is quite the creative email, but typically you would want to have the call to action towards the top. But this email did such a great job at grabbing the audience attention that it doesn’t matter so much that the call to action is at the bottom.

There are several things that you will notice about this email which is important to put in all the emails you plan to send out.  First you will notice that there are all sorts of ways you can be directed to the website.  Ways such as clicking on “View on a web browser”, “Don’t miss this sale” or clicking anything on the top of the page that will lead the viewer to the email landing page.  Calls to action also include the button, “(OR JUST CLICK HERE)” and “GO”, which tells the recipient of the email what to do to get the sale. The name of the company is clearly indicated towards the top of the fold on this email, which makes it less confusing for the person reading your email.

The imagine that was used in the email is quite pretty and based on size it is very mobile friendly.  Being mobile friendly with your emails is especially important seeing that the top used mobile app is “Mail”.  The image is also very pleasing to the eye using various colors to capture the viewers attention.

Since there is a higher return on investment when it comes to email marketing than standard traditional mail you also want to make sure you integrate social media.  Towards the bottom of this email you will notice that you can access various social media channels such as YouTube, Pintrest, Instagram and Twitter.  This is really great to have because a viewer can share this email or promotion to their own social media and you can get an exponential reach that you would not have gotten without the help of social media tags. But it is always important to test that your social media links work because otherwise it will do you absolutely no good.

As far as content goes in regards to this email, they do not send too much information because all the information is available on their landing page from this email.  The goal is not to get people to read your whole email but it is to get them to your page.  Do not over communicate because you can also lose the interest of the reader and they may just skip over the email entirely.

The important things to remember when designing your marketing email is:

  • Include a call to action
  • Make sure social media tags are clickable
  • Use attention grabbing imagery
  • Don’t overload your reader with information
  • Direct your reader to your landing page
  • Make sure that your email is mobile friendly

With all of these things added together, you will be sure to design a marketing email that will most likely increase opening rates and direct more traffic to your site. Yum.  Aren’t you glad you scrolled to the end.

-Dani M.



Atkins, Stuart. (2012). Email Marketing: Simple Strategies for Success [Powerpoint slides].


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