Thoughtful Emails for Success

Jill is doing her daily shuffle in her mailbox.  As she’s scrolling through she notices that Chili’s Grill & Bar has sent her an email.  She opens it but then she notices it’s about a free kids meal.  Jill doesn’t have kids, so she ends up deleting the email. It has no importance to Jill so why should she respond to it?

This is a prime example of not being aware of your audience.  Instances like this can also lead a viewer to unsubscribe because they may feel as if they are getting spammed.  As I mentioned in the previous blog, your audience doesn’t want to be spammed.  If you send them too many emails in a month there is a higher chance that your emails will be ignored or your viewer will decide that your emails are junk and to the trash they will go.  But if you also fail to make the content relevant for your viewers, you will see that they are less likely to respond to your marketing efforts.

Starbucks took advantage of National Iced Tea Day in early June by offering reward members to join in on the holiday and receive extra bonus points with their purchase.: You don’t want to loose your audience, in fact one of your major objectives is to obtain more potential customers and then retain them.  But if you fail to properly segment your target market through email, you will see numbers dwindle away.  Think about your customer, how can you make your email cater to them and in turn make them do something for you too.

It’s a hot, summer day and Starbucks sends an email out with Iced Teas.  This is thoughtful because it is contentious that it is most likely hot outside.  But also it offers the costumer to come in and earn stars and to help them cool down on such a hot day.  If Jill were to open this on a sunny day, I believe she would be more likely to respond to this email.  The content is relevant and thoughtful.

Another thing that is great about this is there was consent to get this email.  I say this because no one wants an email that is unwarranted.  So for heaven sakes, do not buy emails. When you see an email from something or someone you don’t know you are more likely to delete it.  So make sure to obtain your own viewers and if they want to sign up to be on your email list.  It is yet another way to be considerate to those reading your emails.  If they don’t consent to receiving your emails, it is probably not the best thing to contact them.

Thoughtful emails will increase your chances at retaining your email list.  You also want it to grow so always seek ways to ask for potential readers so that you have their consent.  If you think about the customer and make them feel special they will be more likely to respond to your call to action. Be thoughtful because no one likes to be mistaken for someone else.

-Dani M.


Atkins, Stuart. (2012). Email Marketing: Simple Strategies for Success [Powerpoint slides].


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