Importance of Email Marketing

Every morning, Robert wakes up and begins his routine.  First, he starts his cup of coffee which leads him to his bathroom down the hall.  While minding his business, he pulls out his phone (since there is little use in newspapers these days).  The first application he pulls up is “Mail”.  As he is surfing through he notices that Starbucks is offering a deal.  Robert loves Starbucks so he opens the email and he pushes on the link and it takes him to where he can learn more information on Starbucks’ home page.

This right here could very well define your user’s routine, if not very close.  As technology increases and phone applications come and go, email marketing has remained important through and through.  Marketing calls for physical and measurable responses; this means that when running a campaign you need to have the ability to see results in the form of impressions, click-through-rate, and conversions such as subscription sign ups or actual purchases. Email marketing is a powerful tool to deliver just that.


But why email marketing? What makes it so important?  As I mentioned earlier, phone applications come and go but mobile email has become the number one application that people use on the daily.  Since people today carry their mobile phones everywhere, it is easy to find them anywhere.  People check email regularly and since their heads are buried into their phone screens, it is one of the best opportunities to capture their attention.  Direct Marketing Association reports that email marketing has 4 times the return on investments than direct mail. This mode of marketing also provides physical and measurable responses.  One of the best ways of doing this is trigger based email programs.  This means for every action that an email user performs, it will trigger another email to respond to their action.  In Exhibit 1, let’s assume that you purchased a product from Artifact Uprising as a subscribed member.  You made a purchase which triggered this email.  In triggering this email they want to hear about your experience since they know that you have visited and purchased a product from them.  If you were interested in the $10 code, you would click on “Take the Survey” and be led to a landing page where you would complete the survey.  Every part of this process from opening the email to clicking on links can be tracked.

If you want higher opening rates the best days to send emails are Tuesday and Wednesday between 10AM to 3PM.  It is important to note that emails should never be sent at a rate which would come off as spam.  By sending too many emails in a given month, prospective customers will be more inclined to unsubscribe to your emails.  Company’s like Target and Groupon send multiple emails a day and personally, I have linked both those companies to my junk mail.  You don’t want your email to become junk, so it is beneficial to always be mindful of your audience.

Email marketing is a terrific tool if used correctly.  It can lead to physical customer responses such as opening rate or clicking on a link that will send a consumer to a landing page.  Great marketing comes with great responsibility so remember to always be mindful of your audience while converting leads.

-Dani M.


Atkins, Stuart. (2012). Email Marketing: Simple Strategies for Success [Powerpoint slides].






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